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Vamos Todos Hiking in Kfour

One of the most traditional villages of Ftouh Keserwan, is where we are heading this time; Kfour!

This hike was prepared with the collaboration of the Municipality of Kfour, the Municipalities union of Keserwan and the scouts of Kfour who will be accompanying us during the event.

The name of the village goes back to the Syriac, similarly to a large number of Lebanese villages, meaning the plural of Kafr, or the large assembly of houses. This village is rich in old houses and churches which we will see a big part of during our walk. They are all linked through old streets and walking paths.

We will all start together by visiting a museum house and library owned by Mr. Abi Saab, who marked the history of the village. We will then start on a downhill track where the whole Gulf of Jounieh and Beirut cityscape can be seen until we reach Ain el Kroum where we will have a rest and enjoy the nostalgic feel.

Source: Vamos Todos Facebook Page


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